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Best exercise routines

Obviously keeping fit and the route to fitness is going to be personalised around your goals and fitness level, but there are scientifically proven ways and means that are recognised and used the world over. Some of these innovations such as Interval Training might be abandoned tomorrow as new information or new fashions take over.

A balanced exercise routine that harmonises the whole body includes: a cardio-vascular workout, stretching, strength development and good nutrition.

From experience, I would also add some meditation development too - Tai Chi has been great for me, and in fact I combine Tai Chi and Yoga exercises that take good care of the stretching and meditative side, creating good balance and mental focus. A trampette is an amazingly effective starter and motivator for the strength and endurance side of things, which for me at least., wakes me up and puts me in the mood for my bike workout. If you can find good music to support you that too helps keep you motivated. An exercise bike is an effective cardio-vascular workout. I have a Bullworker which is pretty good for safe muscle toning. This retro Bullworker site shows its age but just because it dropped out of fashion does not mean that it was no good. Even the Charles Atlas method achieves results. Not that I'm any kind of expert so read on!

Food for health

Health Tips and Health Shopping

Keep fit equipment for the home

Vital statistics


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