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Adding subtitles to video

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How to add subtitles to video

You might want to add subtitles to a video if the video is in a foreign language or for deaf viewers. There are a number of methods, depending on the playback options of your media player. Some media players will show subtitles that are in an external file while basic DVD players require the subtitles to be a part of the original video file.

For example, I have an Italian film called Sedotta e abbandonata.avi and the subtitles are in a file called Sedotta e abbandonata.sub. Notice that the subtitle file must have the exact same name as the original video file.

Hardcoding the subtitles into the video file means that you can't switch the subtitles on and off. Sometimes you will need to hardcode if your media player does not have a "select/show subtitle" option.

You also have to decide where you want to place your subtitles - at the bottom of the picture or in black space at the bottom.

There are extra video notes here:

Subtitle websites

Collections of subtitles that go with particular video downloads are available from a number of websites.

Subtitle conversion

As usual, nothing is simple in Computer World and some playback programs require subtitles in a particular format and you may have to use a conversion program!

Here is a table of the current state of mess: Error: Invalid hash


Subtitling guides

How to Convert .sub to .srt

How to add subtitles without recompression

Step 3(b): Merging Subtitles With MP4 Files Using Yamb/MP4Box -

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