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Alternative Therapies

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Some Alterative Therapies

There are alternative medicines and treatments. Medicines are chemicals and can be scientifically measured whereas some treatments such as Reiki are difficult to study scientifically.

Complimentary medicine is what you can get with the agreement of your GP or Consultant and nowadays includes acupuncture and of course physiotherapy.

Alternative medicine includes herbalism and even hypnotism although the separation between all of the alternative pathways to health are now blurred. Not much scientific study of the efffects of alternative treatments has been done.

Personally, after a lot of self-experimentation, I would not dismiss any of these therapies, new or old, unless proper tests show that they have no effect whatsoever. Alternative therapies, like alternative medicines, work on some people, not all. A more individual in-depth whole-person diagnosis is needed.

The Science of Alternative medicine

  • Professor Edzard Ernst of Exeter University is the world's first professor of complimentary medicine.

Herbal remedies

An excellent source of video illustrated remedies from Channel 4's Kitchen pharmacy series



LED Light Therapy

Violet Wand

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