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Quick guides

How to create a document from the Website Tab?

  1. Create a new item and select the Single Page Content Template
The new document becomes a new Object Item in the Objects folder.
A Parameters page (Object Type)  is also created for each document where I can set expiry date etc 
A Template adjustment page is also created (Object Attributes) where I can decide which page elements should appear

Editing tips

When you have made changes you must click the Preview button first to refresh the page and then Confirm.

FAQs and Queries

How do I demote a Level 1 menu to a Level 2?

I can reassign the documents underneath the Level one menu but it seems like I have to delete the final top level?

Ans. You'd have to edit the menu item and re-assign it to a different parent menu item.

That's correct for Level 2 but I can't move the top level to a sublevel.

Why do the menu items I have created show a "Program" field entry as http:// when the imported entries have "main.cfm"?

Ans. By default, main.cfm gets called as the running program for the menu items. There is a check in the menu items, that if the program is either nothing, 'main.cfm' or 'http://' then it defaults to main.cfm. This was done because of an upgrade we did that also needed to be backward compatible with older systems.

What to do when changing the names of menu items

I changed the Tenant Participation menu item to Community News & Events. OK. But now the Object Type is still "Tenant Participation" which could be confusing later. Also the actual Object Item is still Tenant Participation. It would be better if the names were the same

Ans. Menu items and Object types are completely different entities, and should be treated as such. If the client needs the functionality, I'll gladly write some code that would ask them if they wanted the changes to reflect on the object types as well.

If I change the name of the Object Type from Tenant Participation to Community News & Events will that also change the Object Item or do I have to do it all manually and change the item too?

Ans. The object item would also have to change, but purely because the title of the object item gets used in the front end. You must remember, under normal circumstances, a lot of name changing would not happen.

How to create a menu that is a hypertext link only

When I try to create a new menu item and assign a url to it, the menu still opens a new page instead of going to the assigned url.



  • Drag and drop while in the Website Tab
The drag and drop ordering is good. It would be even better if we could drag from one level to the next rather than only within a level.
  • The most common menu choices should go at the top
For example, when creating a new menu object the most frequent choice is "Single Page Content" and for speed it would be better to have it as first choice.
  • When I create a new menu item it is automatically placed at the top of the tree level. It should go at the end.
  • There are no **tooltips**
 It is much easier if each screen has some introductory text explaining procedures and when I hover the mouse over a field it should show me a helpful tooltip.
  • Allow hyphens in Menu titles **
I wanted to create a menu title - Pre-Tenancy Determinations - but the hyphen is not allowed. There are other cases when punctuation is necessary.


  • Italics not showing in Firefox
  • Bullet points not showing in Firefox
Ans: fixed
  • top buttons not working in Firefox - Accessibility, Site map etc
Ans: fixed
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