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Consumer Broadband

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Consumer Broadband

Don't believe all the advertising hype you see on TV. Often, the best deals are not the best deals! Did you know that you will have to pay Tiscali 10p a minute for the privilege of hanging on the line waiting to speak to someone and a whopping 25p per minute to Virgin Media. So now you know how Mr Branson is so rich! Bear in mind that the average call will be at least 10 minutes by the time you hang around and can be up to 50 minutes while you waste your time sorting out problems at their end of the line. The time factor applies even more so to anyone who might need some hand-holding if they are not very computer literate. So do you know how to set up your modem? If not stay clear of 25p a minute or you will end up spending a small fortune on the phone to "technical Support".

A typical Broadband package

There is not much to choose between offers. In the same way that Cameras are now marketed by their Pixel number, a typical Broadband offer is marketed by its line speed. But do you need it and will you get it? If you buy a 10 Megapixel camera you will get 10 Megapixels but the same is not true of Broadband. The Advertising Standards Authority has recently ordered Service Providers to be honest about what you really will be getting because in many cases you will not get 8MB speeds.

What is a good Broadband offer?

What you really need is a combination of Quality of Service and Reliability.

Where do I get more information

So how do you find out about the actual performance of the provider and the experience of its customers? It's a hard one when the sales team make promises, promises and promises. will your experience live up to the hype?


There are some extremes out there and the quality of service does not necessarily match the price.

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