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Cures for everything - promises, promises

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How many times have you heard announcements about the latest thing since sliced bread that is going to cure this or that ailment. We are still waiting! Here are some of the latest exaggerations - but on the other hand sooner or later researchers will strike lucky and something will work! Newspapers just want to sell newspapers and researchers and their medical institutions just want to make money. And why is it that a) the UK seems to be the last to get new treatments and b) why do they cost so much!


Cures for Osteoarthritis


Orthokine treatment involves injections of the patient's own blood protein into the affected area.

The therapy has been available in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria since 2002, but this month (March 2009) it is being introduced in the UK.

The cost - £250 for the initial patient consultation and then £450 for each injection. Patients will on average require three to six injections.

Interferon alpha to cure flu

A Veldona lozenge contains tiny amounts of interferon alpha which is a protective protein that the body naturally makes when attacked by a virus. When the lozenge dissolves in the mouth, the protein is released and the immune system is tricked into thinking there is a bug nearby and gets ready for a fight.

Colloidal mineral supplements

Clark's Mineral Formula Mineral Toddy, Mineral Solutions, and Micro-Mins are some of the concoctions promising to cure everything - modern cure-alls, snake oil.


As usual there is precious little evidence - but again if the scientific community will not do proper tests then I would not dismiss the unsubstantiated scientific claims.

This article dismisses the claims.

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