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Home page change requests

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Left Menu

  • Add contrast to the drop-down menu levels
Each level needs to be more clearly distinguished. The font might be better bold?

The width of the menu is constrained by the size of the BFH logo which is why you see so much space. However, the sub-menus sit comfortably in the width.

Morne: The font has been made bolder. The current design team is looking at ways to make the 2nd and 3rd level menu items look better; ie different positioning, different background colour.


  • I can increase the font size but not decrease it.
It is better to have a decrease option as well. The setting is fixed in a cookie and it is a pain to go back to a smaller font.
Morne: Because the graphic did not give the option of having font decreasing facility, I've written the code in such a way, that after the 4th font increase, it will revert back to the first font size. So effectively if you keep on clicking, it will cycle through the 4 different font sizes.


  • Remove the ? mark and language options for now
Morne: Temporarily removed

Search box

  • Too much blue - reduce bottom margin or padding or align centre?

Payment button

  • Eventually needs to be branded with site identity

Repairs link

  • Link branding in progress


Main text font

Text font is Verdana sans-serif but is still seems to me to look a bit "scratchy". However we need to keep the font.

Page structure

3 column layout

The 3rd column is missing because the page column widths need to be reassessed. If we add the 3rd column the main text middle column is too narrow.

Latest News We are waiting for the News template.

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