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The British surveillance society

The British government is laying down the foundations for an Orwellian state and most people are sleepwalking into it, quite happy to be spied on and unbelievably naive about the issue. Apparently they don't mind who reads their private mail, listens to and records their private conversations, photographs and videos them, figerprints and DNA tests tthem, or tracks their every movement as they walk the streets and go shopping. I suppose they don't mind who watches and records their sexual relationships and what they do with the recordings. Why? Because they think they have nothing to hide.

So they don't mind a council snooper rifling through their litter bags, intercepting their mail and watching to see if they drop a matchstick by mistake. Who is spying on you and why? You will never know because you have no right to know. Lots of organisations hold information about you which you have no right to know about or to see. Councils have used surveillance powers originally intended for serious crime more than 10,000 times in the last 2 years (March 2009) mostly for trivial reasons such as littering. Only 9% resulted in any sort of prosecution. Of course you wouldn't have known even this level of spying if it were not for a basic Freedom of Information Act. In fact you wouldn't know anything at all about what goes on in your name if it were not for some basic rights still breathing some democratic air.

Of course you can trust people you don't know doing things that you no nothing about can't you? You can trust them to do it all in your name for your benefit.

The banking crisis

Local Authorities and the Audit Commision continued to ddeposit money into Icelandic banks 3 days before thhey collapsed.



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Photo editing tips

A guide to maximum print sizes for your picture:

3 MP (2100 x 1400) = 28 x 36 cm (11 x 14")
4 MP (2500 x 1600) = 50 x 75 cm (20 x 30")
5 MP (2500 x 2000) = 50 x 75 cm (20 x 30")
6 MP (2900 x 2100) = 75 x 100 cm (30 x 40")

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