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This small is a magnetic field therapy device is supposed to help with joint pains in particular. Some information is here -

The "evidence" seems to have been based on 1 study only -

How to use it

Switches off automatically after ten minutes.

With the MEDICUR you also help your body to get rid of all the poisons in your body. In this case, MEDICUR is placed close to the solar plexus a little bit above the umbilicus. The same applies in the event of lack of energy and exhaustion.

  • Red button (7.8 Hz): additionally stabilizing, supporting concentration. For joints in the daytime.
  • Blue button (3.0 Hz): calming effect – especially in the evening in connection with nervousness, restlessness and sleeplessness - also for joints.
  • Green button (20.0 Hz): stimulating effect at the same time in the event of tiredness, dejection and exhaustion, lack of energy, and tiredness. Use on the Solar Plexus to boost the immune system.


  • Batteries: PP3
  • Current Consumption: 15 - 40 microamps, depending on setting
  • Low Frequency Coil: 2kHz signal plus harmonics thereof up to 50kHz modulated on a 3Hz, 7.8Hz or 20Hz base frequency as selected
  • UHF Coil: As per LF coil with a 250MHz modulated frequency plus harmonics thereof

How it works

The pulses of low energy magnetic fields carry the oscillations developed by the electronic generators giving varying frequencies and harmonics, thus providing a balanced therapeutic range of frequencies transmitted and received by the brain and nervous system which are responsible for triggering the repair of cells and tissue. The waves penetrate deep into the tissue, increasing the rate at which oxygen and nutrition are supplied to the cells. This action accelerates the healing process, boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation and provides an improvement in general health.

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