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Mass Media and misinformation

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How to mislead the public

  • Exaggerat and repeat
  • Scaremonger
  • Make a False association - similar to scaremongering
  • Lie

Subjects that journalists love to misrepresent


Every time media people talk about Marijuana or any other recreational drug they talk about the extreme user and the extreme form as if that were the norm so that any talk about Marijuana produces negative reactions by association. Whereas, in reality most recreational drugs are no more dangerous than driving a car if taken, like all substances, in moderation.


In an article on Vitamin D in the Daily Mail, we get "Just 20 minutes a day of exposure of the face and arms between April and October is enough to ensure that your vitamin D levels remain stable throughout the year, says Professor Graham Bentham of the University of East Anglia." And the he recommends not using a barrier cream for 10 minutes - getting scary. And then: Even more controversially, Mr Gillie says that sunbed use is a 'convenient way to get a dose of UV radiation'. followed by: But with 2,000 deaths a year linked to unsafe sunbathing, what do skin cancer experts make of such recommendations?

Since when did he mention anything about unsafe sunbathing? did he say spend an hour on a sunbed? NO he didn't so why mention 2,000 deaths?

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