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Home page

  1. On home page, the link to should be I think (Mike) Done
  2. Contact us button: First and foremost should be Bracknell Forest Homes contact details including, 01344 352000. Also address: Bracknell Forest Homes, Time Square, Market Street, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1JD. Then break down into repairs, other organisations, etc. done
  3. Email - use for now
  4. Anti social behaviour button: put something like Bracknell Forest Homes does not tolerate incidents of anti-social behaviour and takes reports of anti-social behaviour very seriously. To report an incident of anti-social behaviour contact 01344 352000. Done
  5. Contact Us - the number need to stand out more so change font colour to black and make larger. Also more line spacing would help I think. In general can we take out bold text? I don't think I like the font type, what are your thoughts? Should we go for something more conventional at the moment? done - check
  6. I'd also like the boxes to be more curvy, particularly the large buttons.
Last on the list until they get the rest of the home page sorted out.

Find a Home

  1. Find a home page: It should be that the Council will help to find you a home if your needs meet the criteria for the housing waiting list. For more information visit (Council link )This can also go under the "apply for a home" section I think. Done

About us

  1. the Board please delete the reference to contacts on the right at your homes, which is at the bottom of the page of text. Also try to make the link to the Board personnel more obvious? I would put meet the board and executive management team top on the second level menu.
  2. Community News and events/newsletters, delete reference or put in links to download past editions?
  3. Where photos not available yet, put photos coming soon or something similar. on independent members, delete "local".

Delete an additional member is needed on the Tenant bit of About Us.

Pay your rent

  1. On pay your rent there needs to be a link to actually pay your rent, as well as the information.

Contact details

Time Square is the registered address for BFH. That is the one the public can visit a reception at. Staff who have queries relating to the transfer can contact Eagle House:

Bracknell Forest Homes
01344 382800 
Eagle House,
The Ring, Bracknell, RG12 1HB.
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