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Quick Guide to securing your computer

Here is a list of the programs you need to clean and protect your computer from viruses, trojans and worms! Follow the links to fuller descriptions or amke a request for information on the forums here: If you know about downloading and installing programs you will probably be able to remove all the junk files you have downloaded without any further help.

You can get most of the programs you need for free - and yes, they do as good a job as the commercial programs. Please make a donation to the freeware author to keep his or her spirits up!

In all cases make sure you download the program updates before you use the program, otherwise it might not clean your system properly.

Clean all the Junk from your computer

CCleaner - free

Spybot - free

Spyware Doctor - Current Version March 2009: - $30 to buy.

Adaware - with the SE version you get a Registry Guard program called AdWatch

Find and remove Viruses and Trojans

Avast! Antivirus personal - free

Trojan Remover - free for 30 days then $30

Clean your Registry

Backup your Registry

Switch on the Windows System Restore Point

A System Restore Point is a backup of all the files that are usually messed up by viruses and other unwelcome guests! It is normally done automatically.

System Restore Requirements

System Restore is automatically installed and configured on Windows XP if your computer has at least 200MB of free disk space after Windows XP is installed.

Enabling System Restore

Right click my computer icon, properties. System Restore Tab, Clear "Turn Off System Restore on all Drives". At this point a Restore file is automatically created for you though you won't see it because it is a hidden file.

Creating Restore Points

Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore. In the System Restore window, click "Create a Restore Point button, next. In the window that appears, enter a description. The date and time is created automatically.

Protect yourself while online

Peer Guardian This utility helps keep your browsing activities private. It is OK to switch it off when browsing legitimate sites like the BBC.

Firewall Well worth the £5. Your Firewall is THE main tool for protecting your PC. The Windows Firewall is not good enough - read what the Sunbelt site says.

Browse in a more secure environment

Use Sandboxie The program creates an extra line of defence by creating a special "virtual" folder which pretends to the outside world that it is your C drive and System folder when in fact it is just a copy of the parts you need. Your original files remain untouched. It might take some time to get your head around the concept but persevere and read more on this site.

Backup the Entire Hard Drive onto a DVD or Partition

Norton Ghost This is the Big One. It's not absolutely necessary for home users but it will save you an enormous amount of time if your PC ever crashes.

Scenario 1: starting from a clean system

If you have just installed Windows from a legitimate source you should have a clean system which you must now backup. Do this before you install any new programs.

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