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Peer to peer networking

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What is Peer to peer (P2P) networking?

Read Emule, Bittorrent and Napster. Usually associated with file sharing and illegal filesharing and so criminalising millions of people around the world. File sharing networks usually run on Anonymous P2P networks.

For ordinary users what all this means is that you can search, find and download all sorts of documents, programs and multimedia files that people around the world have decided to share with you. For example if you wanted to find information on a particular topic you could try a peer to peer network using a program such as Emule. all sorts of interesting things can turn up!

P2P Programs and their networks

As usual there are all sorts of different networks and programs available, though the biggest ones seem to be Emule using the eD2k network and BitTorrent using the BitTorrent protocol.

Another Open Source version is Littleshoot.


A good overview and tips is here and you can search for files from the Filedonkey website. You need an up to date list of servers or try these or

The peer to peer networks

The Kad network

The Kad network is a peer-to-peer (P2P) network which implements the Kademlia P2P overlay protocol and it uses the UDP protocol for communicating with other computers on the network. Emule is a client program that can use the protocol to send and collect data.

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