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Facebook essentials

Optimise photos for Facebook ==

The maximum file size is 15 MB.

603 px for the longest axis

Google (Picasa) recommends:

   *  Recommended (1600 pixels): Great for prints, sharing online albums, or for use as a screensaver
   * Medium (1024 pixels): Good for sharing online albums with friends and family
   * Small (640 pixels): Use this option for publishing images on blogs and webpages

Optimise video for Facebook

The recommended best format to upload is H.264 video with AAC audio in MOV or MP4 format.

To avoid the rescaling of your video by Facebook's encoder, use a file with the larger edge of the video not exceeding 1280px. If your video is less than 1280px in size on the larger edge, try to keep your dimensions to multiples of 16px for best compression.

Keep the frame rate of your video at or below 30fps.

Use stereo audio with a sample rate of 44,100hz.


What is it and why do I want to be on it? This is the question you will be asking yourself and then you'll be on it because some twit of a friend invited you!

Technically it is a real-time short messaging service that works over multiple networks and devices. One of the main differences to texting is that anyone can follow your texts - it's more public and open - goodbye privacy!

Mobile phone site. The international number is : +44 7624 801423 and the Phone FAQ is here.


The Official Twitter Text Commands

Help pages

Nice widgets

Fan wiki - make your own contributions there.

The API wiki if you fancy some coding plus some tutorials

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