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Violet Wand

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Violet wand antique.jpg
The Violet Wand or Violet Ray produces a high frequency alternating current with a voltage of 30,000 - 50,000V which is chanelled through the glass attachment to deliver a high frequency, high voltage, electric current. The sensation is similar to the effect of static electricity (although it is definitely NOT static electricity as you do not remain "charged" when the unit is switched off).The underlying technology is similar to the Plasma Ball and was originally developed by Nocolai Tesla. A succinct description of its innards is here and in more detail here. The glass "wand" is filled with argon which glows purple when the current is generated and is absically thre just to tell you that the thing works properly.

What is the Violet Wand for?

I can't find any clinical evidence for the supposed benefits of using the Violet Wand, although as is often the case, that is mainly because no proper recent studies are being done. The medical establishment tend to ignore fringe therapies which is not a very scientific attitude!

One probable vaild effect might be its cleansing and sterilising effect which is the result of the ozone produced by the device. I haven't read the detail but it might be the reason why the US FDA legitimises its use for cosmetic purposes.

Violet Wand references

Somebody's quite good review

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