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Vitamin and Mineral supplements

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Vitamin and Mineral shops and suppliers

The cost and quality of over the counter vitamins and mineral and other health supplements vary a lot. The potency and quality are important and sometimes you need to look for the correct comination of supplements and the type of coating they have.

What is an Enteric Coated Supplement?

Enteric coated supplements are vitamin, mineral, or trace nutrient supplements that are highly concentrated forms of the nutrients coated with a compound to keep them from dissolving in the stomach and reacting with the stomach acid. You do not need an enteric coating for fish oils.

Some supplements are changed or neutralized by stomach acid, meaning the body does not get the full benefit from them.

Fish oil - Omega 3

Fish oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which can be broken down into two: EPA and DHA. According to the American Health Association, those who are healthy can stick to the 300 to 400 grams. However, if you are diagnosed with a heart condition, it is recommended to take at least 900 or even a thousand mg a day.

The two acids EPA and DHA are polyunsaturated fats which play an important role in our body's functions. This polyunsaturated fat contains double bonds which help to keep cell membranes healthy and the nerves working properly.

Item Source Ingredients Quantity Cost per tablet RDA
Super Strength Omega 3 1000mg Healthspan 600mg total omega 3, including 200mg DHA and 300mg EPA. 180 at £13.95 8p
Omega 3 Triple Strength 1000mg Simplysupplements 600mg total omega 3, including 220mg DHA and 330mg EPA. 120 at £6.99 7p
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